Silicone brick tips

Silica brick is acidic refractory, strong resistance to acid slag corrosion, and its thermal conductivity along with the temperature of the low and increase, there is no residual compression, in the oven process, the silicon brick volume decreases with the temperature decreases. In the oven process, the maximum compression of the silica brick is between 100 and 300 ° C, and the compression amount before 300 ° C is about 70% to 75% of the total compression. The reason is that SiO2 in the process of the furnace which showed 117 ℃, 163 ℃, 180 ~ 270 ℃ and 573 ℃ four crystal transformation point, which between 180 ~ 270 ℃, by the square of the volume caused by the largest compression.
Silicone brick volume change is greater, anti-quenching and emergency hot function is poor, thermal stability is not good, so can not be less than 600-700 ℃, if the coke oven in such a long time things, masonry It is easy to break, the formation of loss.
It is not going to be chemically changed as a magnesia brick, but because of the presence of water, the silicon bricks are heated to produce a large number of low-temperature steam, so that the cracks in the silicon brick and make the compressive strength Low, so as to build a coke oven, against the protection of silicon brick is very important.