Development of Cast Magnesium - chrome Refractory

There is a certain amount of microvoids and microcracks between the firing refractory and the refractory. These micropores and microcracks can absorb warmth at a high temperature, but at the same time bring some shortcomings, that is very easy By the smelting of the infiltration of excretion. Compared with the iron and steel industry, the smelting temperature is relatively low, but the slag is more, the slag is corrosive ferrite or silicate, the slag viscosity is low, the interfacial tension is small, Infiltration and osmotic excretion. Therefore, the firing of refractories in the use of non-ferrous smelting furnace, the permeability of the metabolic layer are thicker than the thick, prone to loose layout, the intensity of landing, peeling and other damage. Slag infiltration and drainage caused by the layout of the smelting refractory material consumption is high, low life expectancy reasons.
Casting magnesia chrome brick relative to the slag infiltration of this damage mechanism, has a strange good, because it is melting, pouring, group cooling made of dense frit, slag can only be in the brick appearance of the role of erosion, And not probably appear to penetrate the excretion of signs (which has been used after the cast magnesia chrome brick cross section to prove). So just cast magnesia chrome brick production is difficult, costly, in the developed countries for the key parts of nonferrous smelting furnace, still keep other refractory material instead of the upper hand.
Oxygen-enriched flash smelting and oxygen-enriched melting pool melting, is now the international advanced non-ferrous metal smelting skills; these smelting new skills with the characteristics of oxygen-enriched blast and enhanced smelting, thus, lining refractory material suffered very harsh use Conditions, the existing refractory materials are also difficult to meet these requirements. In the development, the introduction of advanced smelting skills at the same time, open up the development of oxygen-rich smelting skills using refractories, in particular, is cast magnesia chrome brick, the introduction of skills digestion and absorption, to speed up the localization process is very necessary.
The production process of the cast magnesia chrome brick is completely different from that of the conventional sintered refractory material. It uses magnesia and chrome ore to participate in a certain amount of admixture, confuse the ingredients, melt in the electric arc furnace, pour into the mold, control the cooling annealing, Production into a mother brick, through the cut, grinding, drilling, cold processing, the system made the necessary brick.