Classification of Magnesium Bricks

Generally can be divided into sintered magnesia brick (also known as burning magnesia brick) and chemical combination of magnesia brick (also known as not burning magnesia) two categories. Purity and high firing temperature of magnesium bricks, as a direct contact with magnesite grains, known as the direct combination of magnesia bricks; made of fused magnesia as raw materials made of fused brick and then combined with magnesium bricks.
Magnesium brick has a high refractoriness, good resistance to alkali slag performance, load softening start high temperature, but poor thermal shock resistance. Sintered magnesia brick to brick brick as raw material, the crushed, ingredients, kneading, molding, in the 1550 ~ 1600 ℃ high temperature firing, high purity products, firing temperature above 1750 ℃. Do not pour magnesium bricks in the magnesia by adding the appropriate chemical binder, by mixing, forming, drying and made.