What are the protective measures for refractory bricks?

Brick for the factory to be timely, to avoid the refractory moisture or storage time is too long. Bricklay process, the corner, missing edge, the appearance of cracks, brick-shaped brick is not the whole firm, and the quality of the masonry checks, after all, to check the masonry work. To ensure the quality of masonry. In normal production, to protect the kiln brick, in fact, is the protection of the kiln skin, should do everything possible, adhere to the conditions of stability, to protect the kiln, the need to adopt protection measures, summed up the following:
1. To strengthen the protection of machinery and electrical equipment, to strengthen the post staff, workshop skills personnel inspection, found the problem in a timely manner to adjust to ensure that the equipment intact rate and work rate.
2. Strengthen the skills to operate, optimize the operating parameters, stable thermal criteria, stability system conditions, reduce the shake, to avoid the system repeatedly stop.
3. Do the system leak sealing treatment, stability into the kiln raw material feed volume;
4. Selection of low temperature calcination skills, control the decomposition furnace outlet temperature 870 ~ 880 ℃, the export of exhaust gas temperature control at 300 ~ 330 ℃. 5. Stable ingredients program, control the raw material composition
6. Control the appropriate coal fineness and moisture.
7. Strengthen the raw materials into the plant control, strengthen the pre-homogenization effect, strictly control the raw material alkali content. Alkali content, kiln knot ring again and again, kiln skin hanging, out again, the wear and tear of the refractory, burst increased, affecting the use of the cycle.
8. Develop excellent operators.