Introduction of white corundum bricks

The main component of white corundum brick is white corundum, white corundum density directly determines the density of white corundum brick, white corundum density has two parts, first, the accumulation of corundum bricks density, and second, white corundum brick particles density.
Corundum brick bulk density, abrasive grain size, particle composition, particle brand, particle size, particle shape and other factors. In general, the coarse grain size is smaller than the fine particle size density, and the smaller the gap between the particles, the greater the density. The bulk density of the mixed particles is greater than that of the single particles.
The density of the granule itself directly affects the density of the corundum brick. The greater the density of the corundum brick, the greater the density of the corundum brick. The true density of the corundum brick means that the true density refers to the mass of the abrasive contained in the unit volume.