What is zirconia corundum refractory ball

What is the advantage of zirconium corundum fire-resistant ball? I have in the past in the article had special refractory ball production quality control introduced. In addition, the refractory plant experts after years of theoretical summary, the application of the good characteristics of ZrO2, successfully developed a load hardening temperature above 1550 ℃, the density is greater than 3.10g / cm3, porosity less than 17%, AL2O3 Content of more than 80%, ZrO2 content of more than 4.8%, the strength of more than 40000N / ball zirconia corundum fire-resistant ball, the fireball has no cracking, heat storage capacity, in the fluid low pressure, low temperature deformation, non-bonding characteristics.

It is reported that by the Lianyuan Steel, Liu Gang, Cheng Gang and many other iron and steel enterprises blast furnace hot stove on the application of fire-resistant ball, the consequences are unusually significant to reach the expected target. And Liu Gang in the ball furnace temperature in the 1270 ℃ -1200 ℃ on the basis of the new on the 750 m3, 1100 m3 × 2,1300 m3 × 2 and other five large blast furnace hot stove applied zirconia corundum refractory ball, After five large blast furnace theory proved that the ball furnace plan is reasonable, suitable for selection, continuous package above 1200 ℃ level and change the ball cycle in more than 8 years is a foregone conclusion, and shook the iron industry, the current Liuzhou project preparation Two 2600 m3 blast furnace, still use the ball hot stove.