Henan Xin Mi build hundreds of billions of refractory indust

Recently, Xinmi City An Nike, Zhendong, Warwick 19 refractory enterprises responsible person to the municipal party committee secretary Wang Tieliang submitted refractory industry target commitment book, which officially opened the city to enhance the core competitiveness of refractory industry, Billion refractory industry base of the curtain.
Xinmi currently refractory 390 enterprises, in 2011, refractory enterprises to complete the industrial added value of 12.73 billion yuan, accounting for 43.2% of all industrial added value for the city's economic development has made tremendous contributions. But at the same time equipment behind, disorderly competition and other unfavorable factors are increasingly prominent. In order to promote the scientific development of the refractory industry, the city has formulated the development plan of "three years and doubled over five years". It is estimated that the sales revenue of refractory enterprises will reach 100 billion yuan by 2016, and the industrial added value will be 30 billion yuan. 6.4 billion target.
Xinmi City in accordance with the guidance of the Government, enterprises voluntarily, policy-driven, step by step implementation of the basic principles, and vigorously promote the joint reorganization of refractory enterprises. Choose 15-20 high technological content, good market prospects, the development potential of large, the annual tax amount of more than 10 million yuan as a municipal key enterprises, choose 50 or so annual tax amount of more than 2 million yuan in the backbone enterprises as township Focus. Municipalities and township key enterprises in accordance with the downstream services industry and product chain requirements, the implementation of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, the establishment of industrial alliances; encourage large enterprises and central enterprises, domestic and foreign 500 enterprises. At the same time combined with the development of enterprises to support enterprises to do better and stronger, and actively cultivate iron, steel, cement kiln, glass kiln, non-ferrous metal smelting, power, petrochemical, homogeneous new materials, comprehensive And other professional refractory group.
At the same time, to promote a number of projects under construction. In accordance with the "three implementation", "four in place" to establish and improve the economic operation of the whole process of tracking and linkage with the project unit to promote and service mechanism, focusing on promoting energy-saving technological transformation projects. Plan a number of key projects. The implementation of the industrial project quick approval mechanism for the project filing, environmental assessment, land pre-trial and so on to accept the acceptance and approval to inform the commitment to one-stop service system; investment enterprises all the procedures by the township (town), street offices and industrial cluster management committee Charge d'affaires. Strokes a large number of high-tech projects